because leadership has no need for proud racists.

For far too long, we have allowed self proclaimed “proud racist” Bob Kellar to sit on our city council and represent the diverse people of Santa Clarita. Despite being given numerous opportunities to apologize and make right by his statement over the past 10 years, Kellar has stood by his comments. Kellar has practiced serially xenophobic and racist behavior in his personal and political life, now is it time for him to go.


During an anti-immigration rally outside of the Santa Clarita sheriff’s station in 2010 (organized by several anti-immigrant groups, including two hate groups — Minutemen and Save our State — as designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center), City Councilman Bob Kellar announced to the world that he was a “proud racist” along with a slew of other xenophobic comments. Despite being offered opportunity after opportunity to apologize for his comments and make right by his community, Kellar has blatantly stood by his comments over the past ten years, stating that we will "have to wait a long, long time for that apology". It's especially important now, more than ever, to acknowledge the effects that such hate speech has on communities of color; when we have leadership that is openly discriminatory, we send the message that discrimination is not only okay, but we welcome it with open arms.


We are calling for Bob Kellar's resignation. Santa Clarita City Councilmembers, Kellar included, claim not only to be not racist, but actively anti-racist. They claim to serve the needs of their marginalized constituents, and denounce discrimination in all of its forms. So let's see what they've been up to:

Bob Kellar

Marsha McLean

  • Has not condemned Bob Kellar's actions.
  • Has not said black lives matter. Once.
  • Has not attended any meetings with the BIPOC + ally public to engage in conversations surrounding current events, and what the city can be doing to support their BIPOC communities.
  • Actively denies the fact that racism is a large problem in Santa Clarita.
  • On the topic of racism, argued that we should be looking at "both sides" at the June 23rd city council meeting.
  • Dedicated the adjournment of the June 23rd city council meeting to Dave Patrick Underwood, stating he was killed amongst "Oakland riots", when he was killed by members of the alt-right in a pre-meditated attack.

Bill Miranda

Cameron Smyth

Laurene Weste

  • Has not condemned Bob Kellar's actions.
  • Has faced the issue of racism as a large problem in Santa Clarita with DEAFENING silence regarding the item.
  • Has not said Black Lives Matter. Once.
  • Has not attended any meetings with the BIPOC + ally public to engage in conversations surrounding current events, and what the city can be doing to support their BIPOC communities.
  • Endorsed Jason Gibbs, who was found to be a member of ACT for America, an anti-muslim hate group, as designated by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center.



We think so too. A noose was just found outside of an elementary school, hundreds of students are coming forward with their experiences with racism, confederate flags continue to fly at numerous households, a member of the William S Hart High School board is essentially a white supremacist, white people continue to confidently say the N-word (at times, required by teachers), and death threats have been made against black members of the community. Racism is alive and well in Santa Clarita. While there's quite some discrimination and anti-blackness within the city council, we believe a vital step in showing both consituents and leaders that discrimination has no place in Santa Clarita is to call for the resignation of Bob Kellar. And you can help us!


Sign the petition. This is by far the easiest action that can be taken, the more signatures and comments we can get on this petition, the better.

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Donate to an organization he would hate. Undocublack is "A network fighting to create space for currently and formerly undocumented Black immigrants to not only survive but thrive."
They make it clear that they strive towards an equitable world, one where your race and immigration status don't stand against you. Please consider donating to this wonderful cause if you have the means to do so!

Don't donate in his name (tempting, I know), the donation might bounce because your name needs to match your payment information.


Share the hell out of this. Bob Kellar and the rest of City Council are trying to shove this under the rug, just as they have for the past 10 years. The world needs to know exactly what happened, and needs to help the BIPOC + allied constituents of Santa Clarita in advocating for Kellar's resignation. We'll be adding shareable assets soon, but for now, you can use this auto-generated tweet to share!